IRGA – Membrane keypads, Front panels and foils

Year 2019 we are celabrating 25. anniversary of the firm. In that time we design and manufacture over 5 thousands kinds of keypads, panels and front foils. We are connecting the experience with new technologies and still takes up new challenges. We cooperate with more than 150 customers and supply solutions optimal for they needs.

Our partners can expect the product ordered for design and production meets every needed requirements.

Modern solutions made-to-measure

Our main target is to provide the customers solution optimized for the individual needs. High quality of used components and durability of our product makes the products possible to work in difficult conditions.

Continnous technological development and experience in designing products for atypical applications enable to bring our customers complete solutions. We make keypads and frotn panels for every industry equipment; propose wide area of possiblities and, following the customer needs, choose the best solution.

Mission of the company

  • Designing keypads for according individual needs of our customers
  • Very high quality and long lifetime of our products in hard environment
  • Continnous technological improvement and designing products for untypical application

Main activity

  • We design and manufacture keypads and front panels for every industrial equipment.
  • Every customer is served profesionnaly and kind, we help on every step of electronic, mechanical and graphical design.
  • We propose various solutions and choose the opltimal one following customer needs and suggestions.

Business history

We are private family businness founded by Irena and Krzysztof Rzechonek in 1994. At the begining the main part of production was regular PCBs. Then we designed keypad structure based on typical rigid copper laminates. Manufacturing that kind of keyboards and front panels becomes main part of our production.

Technical development in electronic materials and wide market allows to introduce, unique in Polish market, solutions, based on flex laminates

  • poliester – copper
  • poliimid – copper (aka. kapton)
  • thin epoxy-glass (FR4 0,2mm)

Our technical equipment is still growing. Now the production resources includes:

  • CNC milling machines
  • laser cuttingsystems
  • UV and HotAir dryers
  • computer systems helping in design and production processes

Since 2015 the business is continnued by Marcin Rzechonek, son of the founders. The strategy of continnous technological improvement bring some new technologies we can serve to our customers:

  • glueing with conductive materials (ACF Bonding)
  • automatic SMD mounting
  • 3D printing

Now we are working on implementation ERP system. The main target is incerasing throughput production lines and fast fulfillment purhasing orders. For now the average lead time was shortened twice.

25 years of IRGA company